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A few weeks back you may have noticed I headed off for some blogger Adventures to Adare village, Limerick for their #destinationadare event. A really great event organised by local businesses in conjunction with The Irish Blogger Agency and we managed to pack in a lot of action into one day, with a walking tour of the village and a little bus trip to the gorgeous Desmond Castle. Adare Village is steeped in History and has a very quaint charm I also Love their website it’s super detailed in all things Adare.

Here are my Highlights…

As I said we managed to fit a lot into one day! Including fashion Shows, lots of Food and of course plenty of snaps about this perfect Instagramable village. As there was so much on the agenda we were all assigned a shop to focus on, mine was the very last stop on our day the gorgeous Aladdin’s cave of wonder Vokes Vokes is like a treasure trove with some beautiful gifts, candles ornaments, cups and literally everything in-between. They have just launched their online shop that’s just a taste of the items available in store.One Item that really caught my eye was The Happy Candle, which are handcrafted in Limerick The lovely Hazel from Vokes kindly explained the story behind the lovely candles Their Philosophy – We Believe Everyone Deserves Happiness! These candles are to remind us that even though there are lots of tough times in life there is always something to be thankful for however small and that’s always worth celebrating! The brand promotes mindfulness as Mindfulness improves both mental and physical health and social relationships. It reduces stress, depression, and anxiety and increases well being and happiness.

What you need to make a happy life is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. We want to spread this message in the world, literally one Happy Candle at a time.

What a gorgeous brand I love supporting an Irish Brand especially candles as I’m kinda obsessed with them the candles are all handcrafted from start to finish in their Limerick Studio. Using natural wax and lead free cotton wicks. They match words to each mood filled fragrance!! I actually want one of each!

A little bit of History on Vokes

The earliest mention of Vokes in limerick goes all the way back to 1703.

Edward Vokes clothier, he collected wool which was washed, carded, woven and woven into cloth. This was then sold on to make clothes.

He was active in political life in Limerick city and in 1714 was elected sheriff, after that he would have been known as Edward Vokes Burgess.

All of the blogger crew were spoilt in Adare, and I have to say its a really gorgeous little village and well worth a visit with something for everyone! Everone was so welcoming and couldn’t have done enough for us 🙂

My Outfit for the day was all bits I already had and all Pennys hun!  Love these over the knee boots and they are defo here for another season it’s like wearing double layers that are so warm over jeans 🙂


Ps pop to the end of my photos for a little Christmas essential and a bargain!

Ruth xx



The fab Castle Desmond made the perfect backdrop for all of our outfit photos



My top pick from vokes and they are available online and currently on SALE!! The Ultimate Gin Glasses… now just €14.99

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