My Top 15 Podcasts 2018

Hi, guys happy Tuesday! I’m a couple of days behind on this week’s blog post! It was longer than I expected! Its my current favourite Podcasts!!! All of the podcasts are linked to just click and javce a listen all are available on I tunes also 🙂

I’ve been meaning to put this blog post together for so long! I think I’m a little late to the party here I only started listening to podcasts about 2 years ago but I can seriously say I’m hooked!! I even have a little bit of experience being in one, back when I worked in Educated Machine we recorded some really fun ones.

Podcasts have kinda exploded over the last while and I’ve been listening to a lot more on my drives to Limerick, the radio really gets repetitive and I mix up what I listen to every day from stories to interviews, to some random podcasts that cover just about anything!

One of my first introductions to podcasts and it’s still my absolute favourite podcasts..I’m literally always waiting eagerly for the next one, and I’m super jealous of anyone who is just discovering it now! It’s an amazing storytelling podcast and features real interviews on a range of topics all loosely based around being warned some of the story’s are very intense and I’ve definitely cried listening to some of the episodes. It’s by a lady called Lea Thau and her voice is so unusual.

This does exactly what it says on the tin self-help for people who hate self-help! The podcasts are all different themes a lot are questions they are sent in to cover and some are quick fixes for all of life’s overthinking we are all guilty of! Sarah just has a great voice to listen to and I can relate with so many of the topics she chats about.

The undoubted Queen I’d talk shows and I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been a fan of Oprah’s for years and years..I love her story and just her attitude to life and hello her recent speech blew the whole world away!!! This is the audio version of her famous super soul Sunday’s incredible and the people she interviews are amazing it’s currently top of my listen to list and there is usually a book to go with the conversations so I’m always adding new one last to my list..I’m trying to read more this year!!

Up and vanished is so fascinating it’s an investigative series where Payne Lindsey attempts to solve an 11 year old missing persons case Tara Grinstead who literally up and vanished with out a trace. It’s a mixture of addictive and so sad and shocking.

This one is something a little different but a really interesting listen Kirsty Young interviews guests and asks them what would they take to a desert island? 8 tracks, a book and a luxury item some really famous and interesting guest it’s well worth a listen!

This is such a beautifully made podcast and the website is a must see..Im such a super nerd but the website is a total BEAUTY! And when you start listening to the podcast it ties in with the story! So this was the only podcast I’ve listened yo that made me literally gasp out loud with shock!! This is another interview style podcasts but the story is insanely’s about a man called John his voice and the way he speaks is just kinda fascinating and the story ends up being all about hidden’s seriously one of my favourites I wish I was only just discovering it now!  Save this one for a long journey!

Another podcast I binge listened to..this one is another true story and an addictive listen it features all of the people in the story and it’s really a bit crazy! It features a lady that meets this guy that seems to be too good to be true! And is he?? Have a listen!!!!

This is just a feel good podcast with a Similar vibe to Oprah and some of the same guests. The host sometimes just has a chat about tools and trickster has to just deal with daily dramas! There is a LOT of podcasts to listen to I haven’t even got to half way so it’s a great one to get stuck into and can only bring positive vibes!

An award winning more radio station as such than a podcast but well worth a tune in any and every kind of topic is covered and it’s a good one to just throw one on and see what’s going to pop up!

Another one of the first podcasts I discovered a couple of years ago and it’s SUPER educational and will just make you stop and think differently about so many topics that are a little more on the science side. This podcast will really make you stop and think and question everything! Its so well made and just brilliant listening!

This is really similar to up and vanished and the first case really had me on the edge of my seat. This is recorded so well so professional .. the quality is amazing and features a lot of time chatting to various people out and about. In particular, the first case is about a little boy that went missing over 30 years ago without any trace or lead what so ever.

A new one to my ears but I can highly recommend the blind boy podcast I think the fact that it’s been at the top of the podcast charts since it’s come out sparked my interest. He’s half of the Limerick group The rubber bandits and he’s becoming a lot better know ln for sharing his experience with his mantel health and the tools he uses to work out life and all of its ups and downs. I wasn’t expecting to get as sucked into this as I have gotten I love the chats he has at the start and not so much the short stories. A running theme in all of my favourite podcasts is that they are all real stories!

This one is a bit of a change up from the rest and I would consider this working my working brain!! as it’s all about social media and in particular Facebook and marketing in general. It tackles all of the updates as soon as they arrive and there are usually great guests on. If you have any interest in Facebook for business or in general it’s an essential listen. I can’t take the credit for finding this one my web developer friend Ken sent this one to me. It’s awesome!!

Another Irish choice and I have actually kinda lost touch with this Podcast from Des Bishop I was an addict also for the first few but the exciting part of that is I get to binge..I swear I’m listening to podcasts now more than I’m binging on Netflix,, possibly as ive so much screen time in my life already tv and movies just don’t chill me out anymore! This podcast is a mix of a little bit of everything with lots of well know Irish and American comedians, Politicians, artists and everyone in between that for chats!

last but not least this podcast is a spin-off from one of my favourites up and vanished, I think I just got so into the mystery and the true life element of that podcast that when it ended this was my natural go to. It features a police officer from the up and vanished podcast. He goes back to hear the untold stories of unsolved crimes. I have to say I was amazed listening to both of these podcasts how much publicity was created around them especially up and vanished.

So there you have it my current listening love! I would love to know do any of you listen to podcasts? Am I alone in my addiction??? If you guys have any recommendations I’d love to add them to my list!

Have a great week

Ruth xx