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Happy Sunday!!! Thankfully its the bank holiday weekend 🙂 🙂  my last few weeks have been mental the life of a digital marketer is not for the faint-hearted! I’m also doing a Digital Marketing course in Limerick which I’m loving! I just threw myself into the world of marketing and this course id connecting all the dots!! I’m working on a post about changing your career and going after something new no matter how scary or what age you are if I can do it anyone can!

And Now for some beauty chat Enjoy xxx

Proaura Skin Care

Today I’m chatting all things Proaura, a UK based skincare company, I was delighted when they contacted me to test their Vitamin C Serum..packed with anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid  which always sounds scary but actually isn’t I think its the acid part that puts people off sometimes, but it actually  provides long-lasting hydration deep within the skin, while also plumping and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

I hadn’t heard of the range before they contacted me which I kinda love…It’s great testing a product with totally fresh perspective.

Their mission Statemen:

We strive to offer the purest natural, ethical and organic quality skincare products appropriate for all ages and all skin types. Our products are safe, effective, luxurious and ultimately ‘good’ for both you and the planet.

Vitamin C in this serum is perfect for those who need to restore vitality to dull, tired complexions. It also helps to stimulate collagen production, firming the skin and restoring elasticity. So far so good I’m desperately in need of both of those ingredients 24/7!!

The Final ingredient is one ill admit I haven’t heard of before and here is the lowdown from the Proaura website

The antioxidant power of Astaxanthin has been clinically proven to be 60 times more powerful than vitamin C, ensuring skin is receiving an exceptionally high level of protection against the prematurely ageing damage of environmental aggressors.

Benefits of Proaura Vitamin C Serum with Astaxanthin

* Boosts immune system & promotes healthy skin
* Helps improve elasticity
* Brightens pigmentation and moisturises deep
* Rapidly absorbed formula
* Formula is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, fragrance-free


I have to honestly say I did notice skin so much smoother after just a couple of days using the serum..I did learn that less is more, I’m so heavy-handed with all my products always and you really need very little of this beauty it goes a long way…Its suitable for all over the face avoiding the eye area and I apply on my neck also. I’ve been using this day and night under my makeup during the day and under my night cream at bedtime. It doesn’t have a strong smell it’s actually fragrance-free and there is zero tingle on the skin as you apply it’s actually really soothing.  I cleanse my skin dry it off and then apply I love the dropper style application and I did find one tip that worked on my skin. So because the serum is so absorbent I apply from the dropper directly to my fingertips and onto my skin, I don’t rub the product between my hands or Fingers…if that makes sense…I found the product went a little tacky if I didn’t do that and I guess you are wasting the magic if you don’t apply directly to the skin..that’s just a little tip I found worked really well for me 🙂

Here is their website and while I’m typing this the serum is currently on offer!!!


Thanks for reading gals im loving getting back into some great beauty reviews ive lots more lines up 🙂


I also noticed some other really nice products  when I was on the site check these out I haven’t tried any of them but I love coming across new bits and bobs in skin care Frownies Anti-Wrinkle Facial Patches.. these bad boys are certainly on my wishlist and I’m totally intrigued to try out this facial cushion!!! Its called “save my face” whats not to love 🙂

Benefits of the save my face Pillow 🙂

  • *Helps prevent wrinkling by eliminating “morning pillow face.”
  • *Reduces sinus compression improving breathing and oxygen flow to body and skin.
  • *Helps retain Anti-aging facial creams & serums on your face.
  • *Enhances healing after facial cosmetic surgery and aids neck and back support.