Why I have to take back everything I ever said about working out!!

And now for something completely different from my usual rambles of events and beauty broadcasts.

I now attend a Gym for the first time in my life!!

About two Months ago I met the lovely chaps from Foundation Fitness and Therapy Galway, well we actually have a mutual friend and he mentioned that the guys were looking for someone in Blog land to come along to the gym and give it a whirl, and Blog the experience 🙂

Anyone that knows me knows I’m more than a little bit allergic to all things Gyms. I just personally feel that the world has gone mad on gyms, leg days and protein shakes I’m scared stiff to even attempt it and it’s now as important to get the workout gym gear on point as it is to gain the gains or whatever the goal is. It’s a lot of pressure but no more than all the blog stuff I already do in some ways so I totally get it, but I guess the Gym never interested me.

Now a little side note here…. I’m one of those cray naturally slim people and I’ve never really had any experience with Gyms. I don’t put on weight very easily but I was staring to wonder about my over all fitness and the fact that my job is now entirely on social media down time is non existent! So when John asked me to abut the gym stuff I did get a little flicker of wonder, I wondered could I actually give it a go, jump into something I have literally zero interest in and maybe see what all the fuss is about? Push myself out of my comfort zone.


I met up with the lovely Tomas and Thomas to just have a chat and see would this be something we could both do.

I thought to myself maybe these guys want someone that’s really competitive, or someone one with a weight goal in the plan.. a marathon to run or something… not just a random ungymable gal!!

So we agreed let’s do a month trial and see how we all felt from there, This was mainly my idea as I had zero faith in me even wanting to go along..also I own zero workout gear..my struggles are real.So off I went for my first official trip to the gym…would there be chocolate if I did well? Doubt it…?

The first day was an actual fitness assessment to see how I was in general fitness wise and to work out where my weak areas were. I wasn’t expecting the guys to go into so much detail and I have to say I was super impressed, I felt really comfortable and confident that I could actually do this!

Afterwards the guys could tailor-made a workout that suits me. The Gym is actually more of a circuit workout situation with groups  4 per trainer being the norm..amazing attention to detail and I again I’m kinda blown away with all the knowledge the guys have and how extra careful they are with everyone making sure they don’t push things too far…no fear of that with me hahaha

Now for this biggest surprise, I had going to work out!…

What was going on with me just as I started this project I was in the middle of working out my next job move and making my move away from my huns in educated machine to jump after some  full time social media work, so to say my head was all over the place was an understatement..what was the right decision who did I want to work with? What kind of social media work did I want to do? and the list of over thinking went on and on!

This was what really really shocked me how clear my head was getting from just working out..old news to most people but brand new information to me…I used to try to work out work decisions or personal stuff by taking a walk or a drive but looking back you never really get out of your own head like that and it’s also putting a time limit on working stuff out like magically a solution will become clear because I’m allowing time for it…WRONG!!!

But when I went into the gym it took all of my head space over from trying to not look like a total idiot, to counting the reps as god forbid I do even a half one more than I’m told to hahaha, to just feeling my body do all  of these strange exercises and getting used to this new feeling!!!  I’m aware how strange that sounds as a 33 year old Gal.

So the shocking revelation I have had from my 2 months of new Gym life is the effect on me mentally my decision making my sleep and how much more work im getting done it’s insane..especially when as I’m now working between Galway and Limerick. I am only managing one or maybe two trips to the guys per week which I’m happy with for now until things settle down a little.

This sounds little cringe now but the only competition I have is with myself, because of the fact that I’m even going once a week is super unusual for me. Making time for something just for me certainly, has the feel good factor and most important it’s over an hour of NO phone time!!!!! Something when working with Social media is impossible.

I’m very lucky each time I go the guys more or less personal train me probably as I’m so clueless and they know I’ll probably cheat haha. So this is the start of a new chapter for me and if you would like to see videos and blogs of me looking clueless and confused stay tuned!!


Ruth :)x

Disclaimer this isn’t a sponsored post but the guys are training me in exchange for my blog posts and social media coverage on my experiences.