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Hi, guys!! Hope the first week back blues after Christmas have lifted!!It’s the weekend and the start of the new year and what better time to get serious about skin care!! I recently upgraded my skin care and so far I’m loving it!! Today I have a very exciting brand to tell you all about from the fabulous skin care Brand Bravura London. Bravura very kindly sent me their range to try out. We did go through my skin type and what I felt I needed before hand which was a really really great sign for me. I love to see some passion behind a brand and the attention to detail. I received very detailed instructions with the products which I also loved as it’s so educational and the products are then used the way they should be!

As a blogger, I was so excited to try out a brand I knew very little about as they are based London! I really loved that I had no previous opinions on the brand and I was getting to experience it first hand! A lot of products sometimes are really over talked about and it’s hard to have an original opinion on them!!

Let me just start by saying the packaging is to die for different coloured glass bottles with rose gold tops!!!! Omg!! And I was also extra lucky to receive the cutest tote bag with the collection!

When I first received the products I introduced them into my routine gradually my experience as a beauty therapist for over 10 years never really leaves me I’m always careful with new products and I’ve used lots of chemical peels on clients over the years and reactions and how different skin types react to different strengths of peels and acids. I started off using the oil cleanser and the toner every morning and night followed by the azulene moisturiser day and night.

A little background on the brand and what they are all about 🙂 What they say…


Bravura London takes a ‘problem-solution’ approach to skincare. We understand that skin issues such as acne or sensitivity mean so much more than just a ‘bad skin day’, and strive to offer our customers effective products that target the problem. We’re here to help. From anti-ageing serums that deliver on their promise to gentle cleansers for the most sensitive skins, Bravura London may have the answer to your skin care problems and our customer service team is on hand to recommend products for you.


Bravura was one of the first companies to develop a salon grade range of peels for home use.  I can 100%  stand by the quality of the products. The first time I used them they had the real salon facial quality feel. I did facials for 10 years using a wide range of different products and these would actually really fit in well in any salon or spa.  What I like is as a customer you can actually take home the same products that are used in the treatments especially the peels. They are 10% strength which isn’t crazy strong and you don’t need a separate neutraliser product after using them Water neutralises the chemical peel, but that’s the magical part you can use them ever another day. I received amazing advice from the Bravura team on how to get into a routine with the peels.  I received the glycolic peel and the lactic acid.

Glycolic Acid 10% works on

Acne Sun damaged skin Enlarged Pores Blotchy pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation Fine wrinkles Discolouration or dark patches Dry skin Keratosis Pilaris Age Spots

Lactic Acid 10 % works on

Acne Dry skin Sun damaged skin Blotchy pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation Fine wrinkles

What’s the difference between Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid? Lactic acid is a milder exfoliator, it’s also a humectant which means it helps the skin to retain moisture. Lactic Acid is the best choice if you suffer from the dry or dehydrated skin.

So I think although both products do similar things the combo of both gives the maximum benefit as I explained to the lovely Bravura peeps I have a mix of oily patched on my skin and dry with a mix of trying to fight the oldie wrinkles as I’m in my 30s, ?? so this was the perfect combo for me as you are using a different acid every second day. Now trying to get into a routine with this was ill admit a little difficult, I keep mine beside the sink and I’ve just got into a routine now. when I started I took a picture of each so I could look back if I had forgotten 🙂 🙂 🙂 handy being a blogger sometimes we snap EVERYTHING.

I have a little run down of each product I was sent and how I used them and how they felt on my skin!

First Cleanse Oil 

This product is so dreamy, it literally feels so pampering on the skin and I love oils of any kind. This one has a super cool extra you apply it directly to the skin and it also works on eye sting what so ever and when you add water it turns into a cream cleanser..its relly lovely to use and very hydrating I think it may become one of my regular products.

Ginseng Toner

This toner smells Devine and is a really smart product as it has a couple of uses and I’m a major fan of products that have more than one use!! This Toner is fab to use as an everyday toner but it can also be used to lower the PH of the skin before using the glycolic or lactic acid.  Bravura advised me When using the chemical exfoliators, you have to allow 30 minutes after cleansing for your skin’s natural PH to become balanced, if you use the chemical exfoliator when your PH is high, it will neutralise the acid and you won’t get the full benefits. By using this toner your PH is instantly lowered meaning you don’t need to wait. And as I have Zero patience for anything this toner is a dream!!

Hyaluronic acid serum 

Now this beauty is a total skin hero! its literally like a burst of hydration for the skin!! A little goes a really long way with this product and its perfect after any exfoliant especially chemical ones and it actually maximises their effects as when you deeply exfoliate the skin its the perfect time to add as much hydration as possible I love this product!!

Azulene Moisturiser


The base of this moisturiser is Aloe Vera (60%) so that was enough for me to know it was going to be really soothing and hydrating! I love this one for Daytime after my Hyaluronic serum and at night time also and its fab after using the peels it’s so calming and just glides onto the skin and is unscented.

10% lactic acid & 10% Glycolic acid

I’ve listed the benefits and differences between both above but a couple of little tips that I found really worked. So with acids, as I mentioned also you need to be carefully and follow the directions carefully. It’s important to build up the time that the product is actually left on the skin to work its magic a max of 15 mins is what you gradually build up to so start with 5 and maybe add a minute extra each time. I set the time on my phone its important because you can really quickly over do it and that’s where the skin can get irritated and have red sore patches..not nice and really takes away from the positive benefits of using chemical exfoliants. I also used the fab little fan brush that came with my kit and I pop half a pipet amount into a glass bowl..plastic may get slightly damaged by the chemicals so glass is best! There is definitely a tingle when the product is first applied and I actually learned a trick, years ago using chemical peels on clients skin, keep lightly brushing the skin for the first minute..its almost more of an itch than a sting so this somehow helps that try it!!!

I’ll be keeping up my new skin routine and I’m already noticing results as I’ve been constantly using the products for the last 3 weeks.  I actually got a lot of compliments on how well my skin was looking over Christmas when really with all of the food and drink it should have been the opposite!! My skin just feels softer and my makeup sits so well now on my skin. I had some dry patches that were really annoying and not going away before I started these products and it’s really working to keep them away!!

I’m planning a follow-up post in a couple of months with some pictures of the changes I’m noticing on my skin so stay tuned for that ?

For the full fab range of products and so much more information pop into the website.

Thanks for reading my extra long blog post guys and if you have any questions just shoot me a message!!


Ru :)X

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