My Invisalign Braces Story


Hi guys!! I’m back with a super exciting blog post!!!!!! I can hardly believe I’m even writing this post because this topic has been a total dream of mine for far too long. I have to admit that braces are something I have mulled over for about 10 joke and I’ve had about 10 different consultations…and after every single one, I just felt disheartened and not inspired at all to go with the treatment. I had a lot of mixed messages from a few different specialists. I don’t know why I didn’t just bite the bullet, Well actually I do know I just didn’t feel comfortable with the dentist I know that’s not the nicest thing to admit but its really how I felt!!

When I moved to Galway from Tuam I found a new dentist. Every single time without fail I went to him (which was a lot initially as I also had a fear of dentists so I had a little bit of work to do!) ..not an  ideal combo a fear of dentists and an obsessive dream for braces haha! He used to say why don’t you have braces yet?? WHY? I actually appreciated his honesty as most of my friends and family couldn’t understand why I wanted them so badly. I agree my teeth weren’t that bad but because my dentist was advising me on even a hygiene perspective as I get older it’s going to get more difficult to clean my teeth where they crossed over….which makes sense!! So his words he will be glad to know… haunted me!! ­čÖé I had some not so nice prep work to do first namely 4 wisdom teeth one of which was absolutely torturing me so that took some time to organise and get a date for the operation. So as you can see my journey to a brace-filled face wasn’t an easy or quick decision!

This year I decided to finally go for it and I just decided that it braces are getting on my nashers one was or the other!! A couple of my friends had got invisalign and I was chatting lots about it and honestly my teeth were just starting to really bug me, I had started using snap chat more and I was just cringing constantly at my teeth even my bottom ones which never really bugged me as much as my top teeth!

As I mentioned I had been for some consultations in the past one, in particular, told me Invisalign wouldn’t ever work for me..that my teeth were too strong?? and would be too difficult to move..that really put me off as I’m into my 30s now and kinda felt I’d be super super conscious of them but as I said I just decided I’d give it one more shot this year god loves a trier haha!

I had heard lots about davidmcconvilleorthodontics  and I have met Michelle who looks after all of the marketing and social media for the company at some blogger meetups and I just started to ask her a few bits and I just felt like I could really trust her and she was so honest with me! I was chatting to my family and friends now a lot about this again and when I saw that David was actually giving away one Invisalign treatment to a lucky winner I jumped in and ill admit my friends and family started frantically tagging me I think mainly so I wold win and stop annoying them with my brace dreams!! It went out of my head for a while as the competition was running for a few months but every so often I’d get another tag on facebook.I almost collapsed with shock a few days after my birthday in august I  FOUND OUT I WON!!!! I’d sent in my story but I didn’t realise some of by family and friends had actually done the same I think the poor guys in David McConville were bombarded haha!! This was mainly because my buddies just couldn’t listen to me going on about braces another second!!

Flash forward I’m now 6 weeks into my Invisalign Journey and I’m working on my Diary style blog post to take you all along with me!!

I’m so excited to see the changes!! Every morning I wake up and check my teeth to see if there are changes..its as exciting as the tooth fairy!!

keep an eye out for my next post my First week with Invisalign  !!

Have a great weekend

Ru :)xx


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