My Galway Race week Flash Back: Tuesday

Hi Guys Im back and its Tuesday!!!!

Come along with me back to the Tuesday of Race week!!! We kicked off to a delicious start after I got my make up done in the fabulous Quiff hair and beauty salon. I headed into Tribeton Galway with my buddy Laura fox and some of her besties. We had a super boozy bottom less brunch the drinks were flowing and the food as always was absolutely delicious!! !! needless to say we were all in flying form for the Races after that! We had such a laugh and ive possibly the most photos of that day as I was with some serious selfie queens myself included!!


I have to say this outfit was one of Faves if not my favorite of the week the pink and the purple were just amazing together and the wrap around style of the dress was ultra comfy! I really feel like my two experts knew I would go for something a little different My Hat was custom made just for little old me and is actually now named after me!!!! oh the excitement of it all thank you Suzie. I had so much fun in this outfit. I have never worn a hat that goes over my face like it did and I loved the look the purple mesh it was just to die for!!!! also it made me feel super tall haha thats always a good thing  for me hahaha. Again I worked with the experts Suzie from Suzie Mahoney Designs  and Jo form Olivia Danielle Athlone..we first had a full black hat picked out which I Loved but the more we put it all together the more it just wasn’t working..I loved having the expert opinion and that we tested lots of options!! I wanted a pop of pink in my make up so we went with a pop of pink on the lips and a dark smokey eye with lashes! I just tied my hair loosely back as the hat and dress were such a statement I didn’t need my big crazy mane to get in the way!!

Here are the many snaps of the day!! Tune in tomorrow for Wednesdays Look and my first time behind the mic!!


Ruth xxx








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