How I Switch Off And Chill Out

Oooohhh hi guys! A very happy Friday to all!!!

I’ve had a draft of  this post for a long long time and ironically I just couldn’t find the time to publish it! I wrote this post originally a few months back so decided to leave it and just add a different intro! I actually think I’ve got a little better with the battle that is work life balance! It’s interesting to look back sometimes and see how far you have come! So here is the original post I hope some of my tips are useful! ?


I’ve been meaning to write a post about how I chill out for ages now mainly because I’ve  always said I really should  practice what I preach especially when I was working full-time in the beauty Industry. I used to constantly tell clients how important it is to relax and book in some ME time and I was so bad for following my own advise!

I’m finding now more than ever im living on my laptop and my phone with no clear switch off times at all, its difficult when a lot of social media doesn’t really come alive until after 9 pm!! The last couple of weeks I got the usual change of weather cold that we all get at some stage and it honestly knocked me for six! im just about fully over it now almost 3 weeks later!! I spent last weekend totally relaxing and just hanging around an extremely hard thing to do but sometimes its just needed. We can all be our own worst enemy but thankfully I’m good at doing Human free days as I call them where I just go for a drive a walk or just have a pamper day solo it’s good to just listen to your own thoughts and really hear them!

So here are my top 5 switch off and chill out tips


  1. Sleep!!

An obvious one but as I mentioned above difficult when there is a twitter hour from 9 until 10 and the phone is hopping!! But it’s important to pop the phone on silent for some wind down time before sleep. I light a candle and pop on all of my many night-time wonder products!

The perfect night time tea

2.Get out side


This can also be a little difficult but again really important I try even if it’s just a walk to the shop to just clear my head and get some air. That’s a great quick fix but really I find even an hour to the beach just does wonders and  we are lucky in Galway there are plenty of them!



3. Have a weekly pamper


Set some pamper time aside every week even a late night bath before bed is great for some down time! I usually have a facial pamper and prep my skin for a Tan filled weekend as I rarely have a weekend with out something in the diary! So I take an hour before bed to exfoliate and cover myself in a nice body cream or oil and wake up feeling like a new gal!!



4. Meet up with a good friend for a catch up


I always find having a yap with a great buddy can do wonders and I’m extremely lucky to have so many amazing friends in my life! I’m a talker for sure but I do listening quite well too so my friends tell me sometimes you need to step out of your own bubble and see what’s going on in someone else’s!! I personally find listening to someone else’s perspective on life can be quite therapeutic!


5. Write it down

I’ve been a fan of vision boards and keeping a diary especially to work out a problem or keep me focused and as cringe as this may be I also write down all of the things in my life I’m grateful to have it’s actually an amazing feeling to read back over them and how the basic things we take for granted every day someone else is wishing for!




Ru xx

The Beauty Kemple



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