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Oh hi, guys…well what a crazy weekend I’ve had..I’m totally full to the brim with food. I’m back chatting about another Galway festival, the Galway food festival. I think Galway should be crowned the Festival capital of the world..does any other City do a festival quite like Galway?? Anywho I attended a couple of amazing events in The Skeff which is perfectly located just opposite Eyre Square. I was lucky to attend these staff events as part of a super exciting blogger collaboration with my fave ladies the blogging queens into the west blogger network I think us bloggers took over again this weekend!!


My chocolate eating make up!!!


Love the window seats in The Skeff

A little about The Skeff as us Galwegians call it, as I said you don’t get more central Galway than overlooking Eyre square, as far as records show the Skeff was built in the 17th century most lightly being used as a stately home it was It was in the mid 19th Century, 1850 to be exact, that The Skeffington Arms was established as a hotel. I just love the character the Skeff has with 6 bars over different levels and original woodwork and design features the skeff wins on character and ist super blogger photo friendly. A fact I didn’t know about the skeff is it has just introduced The largest cocktail menu in the country 365 to be precise..may have to put that on my todo list haha!! I arrived at the skeff early on Good Friday for the amazing chocolate heaven event. I grabbed a window seat and tucked into the nicest seafood chowder I have had in a very long time. It was more like a wholesome dinner in a bowl so so delicious and full of Fish and veg and not too overpowering the perfect chowder served with homemade brown bread, I highly recommend!!


Galway festival

 I grabbed a lovely latte and headed into the event  which was totally packed, I guess I’m not the only chocoholic in Galway. I felt at ease with my fellow chocolate crazies haha!! There was a lovely crowd at the event and a nice mix of families and tourists and we were all eager to get a taste!! This event was like my DREAM event I’m chocolate obsessed and I always have been and I’ll continue to stay on my chocolate filled rocky road (see what I did there) 🙂 🙂 ) until I’m forced to get off!!! Easter is my favourite time of year admittedly because of all the chocolate and I LOVE getting easter eggs what a big kid I know!! Easily pleased!! On the list for baking were three great chocolate specials

Chocolate Easter Cake, Chocolate Biscuit Cake, Mississippi Mud Pie

The in House expert Ashling and her lovely assistant made Easter baking look easy in fact I’m going to attempt to recreate the amazing chocolate creations Ashling made. I’ll blog my masterpieces and the recipes!! I have a feeling I’ll be calling The skeff for tips..or calling in for tasting  tips!! One tip I loved that Ashling mentioned was that the skeff only use dark chocolate in all of their chocolate creations, as dark Chocolate is better for you.. that’s defiantly a well-known fact?? isn’t it?? I fully believe it and love it!!! I got to grab a quick snap with the lady of the moment and I got up close with some leftover samples too!


I thoroughly  enjoyed my Chocolate Heaven experience and I can safely say that everyone in attendance had more than enough samples of each amazing creation..some more than others lets just say I had more than enough!! Looking forward to trying out these great recipes and great tips I hope you all had a fabulous food festival weekend I know I certainly did!! What a great way to spend a good Friday! I want to say a massive thank you to Sinead and Saibh from (itwbn) Into the west blogger network for organising this fantastic collaboration with The Skeff and thank’s so much guys for looking after all of us bloggers so well! I attended this lovely event as part of a Collaboration with both of these great company’s and I was delighted and excited to take part. Another successful Galway Festival!

Thanks as always for stopping by

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the actual amount of samples

floating around. these are the before pictures haha!!

Ru :)x

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