My Night Time Skin Routine

Night time is such an important time for our skin, Its the only part of the day the Skin gets a time out, time to breathe! All day our poor little faces are battling in changing of Temperatures from indoors to outdoors and all the heating in between. The struggle of it all!! My Night Time Skin Care is super important for me so here is my routine and its when I put the most effort into my skin, as I’m usually in my bed with all my products beside me haha..not rushing out the door in the morning! Its my fave time for a pamper as I can be as oily and covered in as many layers of products as I want 🙂 🙂 🙂 Here are my current faves enjoy!!

Night Time Skin Care


Night Cream

My current Favorite night cream at the moment is an Irish brand Holos skin care, and I can’t rave about this product enough.I love IT!!! It’s the smell that gets’s just divine its more of an experience and because the product has the power of essential oils and natural ingredients, and I can honestly say I feel the benefits.  Having had the pleasure of meeting Niamh the owner and creator of the fabulous range I learned a little more about her philosophy for the brand, Its all about making the whole skin care routine a pampering experience by using the highest quality essential oils and it really shows. I love using this night cream as it’s packed with night time friendly ingredients like relaxing lavender yummy!!! Holos is available all over the country in health food shops on their online store Holos it’s €16.60 for this night cream a super bargain and trust me you will love this.


 Night serum

Next up an old fave of mine a REN product called REN Resurfacing AHA Concentrate which I’ve researched and is now unfortunately discontinued!! very sad times as I really love it 🙁 I see bloggers mention this a lot when a product get discontinued and I now feel their pain!!!!  I got this as a gift about a year ago!! But fear not I have looked about and Ren have a new product that seems to have replaced this product, as it’s an overnight treatment.  It looks fabulous and it will be my replacement when I run out of this product, it’s called wake wonderful Night time facial so who wouldn’t like that!! Ren is a fab brand I worked with for years REN uses only 100% plant and mineral derived actives and is free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients. so as they say No nasties here!! AHA is currently a real buzz word as lunch time express peels have really become popular, just think of it like a scrub with out the actually scrub particles, most AHA peels are fruit based also although they are natural as such they can be quite irritating on the skin and sensitive sisters out there be careful when using them at home. I think this new product will be more suitable for all skin types even sensitive!




 Eye serum

My next Night Time fave is another product had a while and I was dying to add it to my nightly routine. I personly prefer to use my eye products at night I’ve done a post way back on eye creams and in general why I recommend them and how to use them!!  Have a little read here I really love this eye serum so far its really light and I can feel the area around the eyes really hydrated after I use it. The dropper application is super handy and only use a tiny amount its all you will need! I hadn’t actually heard of Declare before they kindly sent me this fab product to try. Declare was developed in the 1970s with sensitive skins their main focus. I can’t wait to try more of this range as it’s actually quite a high-performance brand even though it’s designed for sensitised skins, I’ve found some sensitive skin care brands just don’t really pack a punch so to speak!! check out all these fab stockists of Declare here its €45 which I think is a great investment as you use so little of the product. It’s a really light product and it soaks into the skin its a winner for me!!



So there are my current Favourite Night time products guys its really a great time for that little extra pamper and nourishment into the skin. Take it as some time out for you and wake up to amazing hydrated skin ready for the day!! 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

Happy Monday Gals!!

Ru :)x

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