Launch of the So Sue me cocktail at the Skeff Galway


I was Honored to make the lucky list of I.T.W.B.N  bloggers  that were chosen to attend the launch of The Skeff Galway’s Cocktail bar and a band spanking new cocktail to the menu The so sip me. Designed and invented by the super star Blogger Suzanne Jackson aka So Sue me!! Thanks as always to Sinead and Siabh for another fab blogger collaboration!! So in case any of you guys hasn’t heard of the amazing So Sue me a little explanation and information on what exactly she does!! In my opinion, Suzanne has truly paved the way for Irish bloggers and is and continues to be a huge inspiration.  From the very start Suzanne knew her plan, I love how she has turned her extremely popular blog into a now competitive and lucrative business with her own books, Gel nail polish range and the sold out impossible to get so sue contour pallet, I find her story truly fascinating and I know it’s mainly down to good old fashioned hard work determination and really putting herself out there..a woman totally after my own heart!! I’ve followed So Sue Me since the start and she was on of the reasons I wanted to start my own blog. I had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne a few years ago when she was in Galway for a signing of her first book I was so so so excited, Suzanne actually came into my salon for a visit and a treatment on her trip to Galway, we had a great chat and she told me all about her beauty background and how that had really helped her when reviewing different products and I totally agreed and I think I started to realise that I could probably give blogging a whirl..I was scared of the writing part but not my knowledge of beauty and products so I just needed to get over that part and give it a go.

As I kept following Suzanne I was so excited watching her grow from strength to strength expanding her team and what I really love about her is that she always pushed herself to try new things vlogs, you-tube videos all forms of social media, product development a blog rebrand and hiring a team the list goes on and on. Another really admirable quality I noticed is how Suzanne deals with negativity especially on instagram..I noticed more and more that she just deletes and moves on you don’t really really ever hear Suzanne dwell on this type of negative behavior unless she really has to! I love that attitude. I’d never ever feel compelled to comment negatively on any posts if I see anything like that I just report it!! I think all of us bloggers can learn so so much from Suzanne and I’m actually on the edge of my seat watching her incredible story unfold!!! well done Suzanne I’ll continue to be a loyal fan!!!!


The Cocktail Launch


So back to the main event right so now that’s my back story on Miss So Sue here is what went down at her very own cocktail launch event.

Us ITWBN bloggers really got the VIP treatment with special passes and a reserved area right by the bar to soak up all the action ahhh. I was getting giddy as we arrived and met the Host Jack who took over the Skeffs snap chat account for the night and I have to say he was a great host even with one leg out of action 🙂  We were treated to a welcome cocktail on arrival one of many a super fabulous goodie bag including a voucher and a handy little G&T to go and amazing nibbles and treats that just kept coming! The So Sip me cocktail is really delicious and is dangerous as it actually tastes like a smoothie you would make at home..feels healthy haha!! The official mix is it’s a blend of vodka, crème de menthe and kiwi liqueur and crushed ice….. delicious!!!

The skeff I have to mention totally blew me away with the event…all the little details from our VIP badges to the custom made biscuits on the tables, to the goodie bags, and the mindblowing twitter and Instagram live feed!!! FAB!!!! Suanne arrived with a very warm and excited reception from everyone and even did a little q&a with us all.  She then mixed up her cocktail and finished the night patiently taking photos with everyone, and seeing as over 200 fans showed up that’s a heck of a lot of smiling what a pro!!

img_6873.jpg img_6850.jpg



I met some new bloggers to the group also which I always love… we really have a great bond between us all and its always amazing sitting in a group of like-minded peeps or more our case phone addict peeps. I’ve made lasting friends in this network and it has brought an amazing mix of people into my life. Myself  and 2 of my other blogger buddies the lovely  Kerry and fabulous Shona hung around afterwards and we were actually the last 3 bloggers left!! it was so lovely that we could do just that, hang out even though most of our relationships are online in the form of reading each others posts showing some insta love and tweeting little hello!! That’s my favorite part of being part of a network we all help each other and connect.I had an amazing night it was so much fun thanks to the Skeff for the VIP treatment and to my fave Gals in I.T.W.B.N!

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