MyLadyBug review

MyLadyBug Review

Hello there everyone, how are we all after a love filled weekend of all things LOVEly? 🙂 I had a weekend full of coffee, I went along to Galway’s First Coffee Trail, It was brilliant!! I’ll have a post soon about it. This past month my  learning continues, I’m still finding my way with WordPress there really is lots to learn. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks but lots and lots happening and some amazing opportunities on the way. Life seems to just get busier and busier, and this service I’m chatting about today is going to literally be one less headache for us ladies. Sounds great right?? This service is called  Myladybug and did I mention it’s Irish?! I met the lady behind this genius service, Maryrose at the I.T.W.B.N blogger event in The Ardalan hotel in Galway, with the amazing guest blogger on the day The Make up Fairy. What a Girl power filled weekend!!!

So what exactly is Myladybug? 

Well here is MyladyBug Review with all the details and some info from the lady herself….

MyLadyBug is Ireland’s FIRST period subscription box, that delivers your pads/tampons direct to you – and best of all you can custom build your subscription box to suit you! Our easy-to-use website makes the entire process as simple as ordering your favourite beauty products online; just set it and forget it!

Now as I discovered as I ordered my first box there are lots of different options when you order..Tampons only..pads only or a mixture of both!! All boxes come with Galaxy chocolate and yummy Galway based Solaris Tea… the real perfect combo!!! You can also decide if you want to change the order one month or maybe you don’t want the service every month you can also do that!! That was on of my favourite features on the website, the control and flexibility you have and its so simple to use Maryrose is always on hand for help if you need it.

MyLadyBug was founded on the result of the inconveniences associated with not having tampons or pads available when women need them. The solution came to me, a simple idea, that just came from the straightforward notion of ‘having your monthly supplies come directly to you’. of “why not have the monthly supplies come to you? And why not put in some sweets and treats to make getting your period ‘a little bit nicer?’ Plus, why not make the entire process ‘as easy as ordering your favourite beauty products?’  And so was born.

What I found really interesting, was a new brand that Maryrose has brought into Ireland, Veeda a totally natural 100% chemical, synthetic and Dye free tampon and sanitary pad range.  To be honest, I’ve never really given this subject much thought, I love natural products, skin care etc so I was Super interested to learn all about this brand. Here is some more info on their site  It really shows how much work and thought Mary Rose has put into this service that she has researched beyond the Normal brands to offer her customers that little extra.





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Honestly ladies, it does exactly what it says on the tin or in this case, box and no ordinary box  in a super handy letterbox friendly one, no more missing a delivery and you get an automated mail to let you know the package is in the way.  Pop over to MyLadyBug  and see how easy it is to order, it’s super simple and such amazing value. I have a little treat to make this service even sweeter a special discount code just for my Beauty Kemple readers just simply use the code “RUTHBLOG” to get a whopping 15% off!!!!

Thanks for stopping by guys and please let me know when you order what you all think! I seriously think this service is a no-brainer and strikes a monthly essential off the list!!

Ruth 🙂

The Beauty Kemple xxx



  1. February 15, 2016 / 10:31 pm

    Fabulous review, Ruth! I’m impressed with the Veeda brand! It’s great to see all natural products being used like this. And the lovely treats & teas would be fab at that time of the month. x