Welcome to my new page

Well hello guys welcome to my new PAGE!!

Happy New Year and welcome!!!
Here is The Beauty Kemple in her brand new .COM home.  I’m currently still decorating so excuse this in between phase I find myself in. I’m ending 2015 with a pledge to blog more and take it a little more seriously and moving to word press is the first step towards that. I have been thinking for a long time about switching my Blogger site over to word press and just never made the move..tales of disappearing blogs and lost content and photos have put me off and I’ll admit il know blogger inside and out so I’m totally out of my comfort zone here!! 2015 has been a crazy crazy year full of changes and new challenges and brand new experiences.

Watch this space I’ve some great products all tried and tested and ready to get blogged!!!



The Beauty Kemple



welcome to my new page

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