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Micellar cleanser
My Backpacking Cleanser

Greetings from Thailand guys!!

I’m almost two weeks into my two month trip around Thailand! We are having an amazing time with a great mix of sightseeing, beach time and just plain old relaxation, which is sometimes difficult to do… The art of just doing nothing! I’m really working on it! 
So as I was planning and organising to go away my head was just buzzing with blog post ideas on my travels, and the prep that goes with it. I’ve never even packed a backpack before let alone for 2 months. The clothes situation I could handle and pack light, I was so strict with myself, but products I have to admit I found hard to leave behind! I’ll be doing a post with all the bits that made the backpack cut! Starting today with my cleansing choice. 

I’ve been to Thailand before, and one of the main things you can’t do here is drink the water and it’s not always great for cleansing either..I knew I needed something for on the go….a product that was light and cooling on my skin after time in the sun.
I hadn’t ever tried any of the new Micellar cleansers before and as I was doing a little pre holiday pennies run for a few essentials, I decided to give this cleanser a whirl! Penney’s have the full range and both the 200ml size and the 400ml size.
So what’s the deal with Micellar? I’m personally not a major Toner fan, I love a wash off cleanser as I’ve mentioned in previous posts. I honestly wasn’t sure if this cleanser would be any different from a toner. But now that I’ve used it seriously converted!!
Micellar Technology works like a magnet attracting all make-up and impurities to the cotton pad no need to rinse off (hello cleansing from the bed haha) its also fragrance free and perfume free can be used on the face eyes and lips and its perfect for sensitive skins. It really does tick all the boxes! There is no tingle, sting or tight dry feeling during or after use! I really look forward to using it here at night because it’s so hot out and it’s super cooling on my skin after Sun travel buddies have also started to get in on the Micellar action too, I think it may become one of their soon essentials when we get back! 

I’m so glad I packed this cleanser it’s perfect for travel and comes in two sizes and is seriously great value. 

I will definitely use it when I’m home, it will work so well as a pre cleanser and eye make up remover..I’m not wearing any make up really so far here but when I’m home I’ll be back to normal and needing my double cleanse at night.

Thanks for reading guys I have some great travel product tips coming up so stay tuned.

Ru :)x
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  1. July 22, 2015 / 2:02 am

    Thanks Sinead!! We are having a ball!! Lots of blog posts on the way!! Hope the holidays are going well it looks beautiful xxxx

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