The body shop lip and cheek velvet stick

Hi guys up today on my blog is a lovely multi use product have I mentioned I love products that do more than on thing?? They just make life so much easier and are seriously handbag and travel friendly!
Im currently on my holiday count down…well its more than a holiday…. two months in Thailand I suppose is more of a trip of a lifetime!! ahhhhhh the excitement of it all!! So Im currently trying to pack and unpack and pack again and decide whats coming with me.
This trip is all about the experience so Im really really REALLY trying to go very minimal with the packing..although none of my friends actually believe I can pull this off haha
So naturally top of my list of things to do is PRODUCTS!! Which brings me to this gem that I’ve decided is most definitely coming with me well that’s one decision made packing progress :):) haha!!

Wearing the cheek and lip stick love the colour

The first thing I immediately noticed when I opened the stick was its totally black so I was wondering what color it would actually come out. its actually a really lovely purple hue..its very easy to apply it really glides on and its not too glossy.. it really tints the lips which means great staying power. I Really loved it on my cheeks as im a fan of cream blushes and highlighters once you get the hang of them and you obviously have to blend them out well. I loved that I could have the same shade on my lips and my cheeks which can sometimes be difficult to match.

You can really make a statement with this shade on cheeks and lips and keep the eyes quite natural, its really summery don’t let its dark appearance fool you!! 

Over all I really love this product and it gives a really lovely pop of colour to the skin..I dont actually have much lip or cheek colours this shade so im loving thie new addition to my collection. Thanks to the body shop for this great product in our itwbn blogger goodie bags.
Its available now in Body Shop stores nation wide enjoy

Thanks for reading guys 

Ruth :)x

The Beauty Kemple

Pic from the body shop



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