My detox trip to Connemara seaweed baths

Last Tuesday I had some free time and was really feeling like a little adventure!

Im addicted to my phone and all the lovely apps and social media that goes with it  especially my camera I take pictures of everything i’m even getting better at the good old selfies!
Ok so getting back to my topic! I personally love nothing more than to jump in to my car and drive out to connemara There is just something  I find so relaxing about it and its lack of phone signal. We are so Lucky in Galway to have all of this on our doorstep.
There’s a place I’ve gone to a couple of times in a little village called Leannane. I actually went there a lot as a kid, Ive some very funny memories of one particular holiday there with my family and my closest cousins! We still Laugh about it!! I’ve recently discovered seaweed baths there. I think I originally came across this place through one of those deal websites. So on Tuesday I was feeling the need to go into full Mermaid mode and take a dip lovely local seaweed!
I arrived to reception and was shown to a little waiting area just beside it..The seaweed is literally just outside the door and is put into the hot water about 10 min before its ready for use.
I had my bikini with me and an extra towel, But a towel, magazines, flip flops and lots of water is provided. I was shown to my room for the next hour which was facing the amazing mountain views. The treatment starts off with some time in the steam room and sauna to open the pores and the rest of the treatment is in the lovely seaweed infused bath.
 I feel the need to explain that it took me a few seaweed baths to actually relax and be friends with the seaweed.The first few baths I had I used to push all the seaweed down to the bottom of the bath and hope it wouldn’t bite me haha!!
But honestly I find its so good to detox and really exfoliate my skin that I’ve just learned to embrace it. The seaweed also holds the heat really well so I like to put some underneath my shoulders as mine are always tense!! Theres something really nice about being in a bath full of natural ingredients and at the end of the bath there is a shower that has natural water from Leenane Mountain ice cold to close the pores after the hot seaweed bath! 

The baths are a bargain at €25 and its so chilled there I never feel rushed I really love this place. 

Website link below
Thanks for reading
Ru :)x

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