Moisturise…Skin care Tip 3!

Put the Moisture back!!

So how important is the moisturiser step in your routine?

I have to say that over any other product all of my clients understand the importance and can see the difference a moisturiser makes.
Im not sure if any one goes with out one these days.. guys included!! even my own Dad always loves to see his MAN moisturiser coming his way for Fathers day and Christmas…and he actually uses it!! No offence Billy!! 🙂

 Are moisturisers worth the investment? I believe they are and here is why… Moisturisers like all skin care majorly varies in price and the feedback I get from clients is usually this.. Any product range they buy in a supermarket never seems to last and they always feel like they need to use a lot of the product to really get the benefit.
So there are a number of reasons why this is the case

1. The product is totally wrong for the skin type
2. Usually cheaper skin care contains less!! as in the percentage of all the key moisturising ingredients is very low that’s why they can sell them cheaper.

 When you invest in a good skin care range you will feel the difference on the skin and you won’t use as much of the product. 

The 100% best way to try a product is to pop it on your skin!! I always recommend new clients or anyone who is really interested in changing their skin care products to try a mini Facial First its a great way to try before you buy to feel and ask questions about the product also.

So there are my top 3 skin care tips for a basic skin care routine.
Any questions guys just comment below 🙂

Ru x:)


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