Eye Creams..Whats all the fuss about?

Eye creams

Like all skin care there are a wide range of eye creams available and what is the difference between creams, gels and eye masks??

The most common mistake I find clients make with eye creams is they use too much and in the wrong area!

With eye creams less is more!! A tiny amount is all thats necessary an eye cream should last and last! A great tip is to apply with the tip of the ring finger as its the weakest finger so it applies the product with the least amount of pressure to the delicate eye area!

My main tip is WHERE to apply the eye cream as my au natural pic below shows ūüôā sorry for the scary no makeup shot!!..
Apply the eye cream just under that delicate eye area!
This way you don’t overload the skin in that area with too much product and as the day/night goes on the product hydrates that¬†delicate¬†area.

So the main difference between eye creams and eye gels is really what you need out of the eye product. As a general rule of thumb Gels are great for a younger skin where dark circles are the main concern and Creams are better for older skins that need to fight signs of ageing.
Eye masks are absolutely amazing for the eyes and should be used as often as possible! They are great for pamper evenings in the bath especially before a big event.

Ok that’s all my eye cream tips hope they help¬†i’m¬†getting slightly braver with my up¬†close and personal pics!!¬†
Thanks for reading

Ru x:)

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