To Tone or not to Tone that is the question!! Skin Care Tip 2!


So part two of my top 3 tips on cleansing brings me to the classic steps we have all rhymed off by heart for years especially us Beauty Therapists!!
Cleanse, TONE, Moisturise!! So as I’ve covered the cleansing part the next obvious step is to tone the skin..Right??
Well yes and no.. As I recommend to use water in the cleansing routine I do find that personally the use of a toner is unnecessary.

But it really is being  honest a matter of preference, some ladies love it and  find it makes a difference to their skin this may be  because they are using the toner as the second cleanse.

I do sometimes recommend a toner to my clients with quite oily skin or any client with acne as a slightly stronger toner can help keep very irritated skin clean. 

If you do like to use a toner then I recommend to use  it directly on the skin which I know is a little unusual! Here is what I do that will actually save you money also..

Just Put a small amount of the toner into the palms of your hands and apply directly to the skin like you would a cleanser but don’t wash it off pat into the skin. I don’t recommend cotton pad for toner application because cotton wool literally drinks up all that lovely product.

If any of you do use toner and love it reply below and tell me how you find it works on you’re skin type and also if my Toner tip works 🙂

Next tip on the way 

Ru x:)

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