My Top 3 Skin Care Tips you need to know!!

Tip Number 1

So first things first, do you know what you should be doing with your skin?
I mean the basic tips, the daily routine.?

Aside from the most common question I get asked “What is my skin type”?? That’s important for the type of skin care you go for but the basic routine its the same for everyone!
So I’ve discovered that although ladies have all of the best products and plenty of them, they have no idea how to use them! Frequent questions include: How much of each product to use, the order in which to use it as well as when to use these products.

 I’ve got some tips that can be used on any skin type that I have found work really well!

1.Cleanse!! Cleanse!! Cleanse!!

 There are so many different types of cleansers out there – gels, creams washes…..! Some people love the feeling of water on their skin as they feel their skin has had a proper wash. I do think this is the best way to properly clean your skin. Also, I would recommend cleansing with face cloths in with lukewarm water. Face cloths are really good value in Penneys or Dunnes and so handy 🙂 Make sure you use a new one every day and just pop them in the wash with your towel wash.

 To start apply your chosen cleanser (I like to remove my eye make up with cotton pads first as I usually wear a lot of it!!) 🙂 I then sweep over the eye area with my cleanser again to remove any remaining eye make up.

Usually one pump of cleanser is enough and gently massage the product into the skin not forgetting the neck. Ladies spend a lot of money on products and quickly swipe them over the skin and wash them off!! Make the most of the products you have spent your hard earned cash on ladies!!

Fill the sink with lukewarm water,popping the facecloth in and remove the cleanser. This is what I do in a salon facial so its like having a little facial at home!

A little secret of cleansing is to double cleanse, so many of my clients have no idea this is so important. After the first cleanse, pat your skin dry and literally do the cleanse again. This makes such a difference to the skin as the first cleanse will remove all make up, dirt and grime. The second cleanse is when your chosen cleanser for your skin type will do the work! This is so important if you are wearing make up daily- you need a double cleanse!!!!!

Deep Cleansing really prepares the skin for all of those lovely day creams, night creams, eye creams, scrubs, masks and so on -DO IT LADIES! I promise you will see and feel the difference in your skin.

Watch out for my next top skin care Tip…

Ru x:)



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